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The etoy.SHARED-HISTORY is a physical grid of 8x18 share certificates. The 2.50m x 5.50m installation shows the  etoy.HISTORY, 16 years of art production by means of the share price, etoy's cultural value. Each of the 144 share certificate is 30 x 30 cm  and represents a certain amount of etoy.SHARES: 10, 20 or 30 shares.

The issuing of the etoy.SHARED-HISTORY Edition 1/10 started with an art exhibition at the Tweakfest 10 Festival. In collaboration with Kunsthalle Gwangju during Gwangju Biennale 2010, orgart presented the SHARED-HISTORY to Asian art collectors at Art Gwangju 2010 from 1.9. to 6.9.2011, and at Kunsthalle Seoul from 10.9. to 10.10.10.

At the exhibition "Domizil Zug: Potthof zu etoy.CORPORATION" at Kunsthaus Zug from April 16 to May 29, 2011, all etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES will be physically delivered to the art collectors, the new shareholders of the etoy.SHARED-HISTORY picture.

etoy.SHARED-HISTORY  Ed.1/10